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Welcome to Turkey Heads & BAD Boy Bodies by Boondocks Taxidermy. We have been freeze-drying turkey heads locally for about 20 years. We just began advertising and offering our services to the taxidermy industry about 9 years ago. We have acquired a lot of new customers and made many new friends by expanding our service area. Quality, service, and customer satisfaction are very important to us at Boondocks Taxidermy. All our freeze-dried turkey heads are cleaned thoroughly and treated for bugs before going into the dryer. Our freeze-dried turkey heads are available both painted and unpainted in the poses below. Check out the testimonials to see what others have to say about Turkey Heads & BAD Boy Bodies by Boondocks Taxidermy. If you would like to send us heads to freeze-dry for you please include one of our downloadable order and information forms and follow the shipping instructions below. We try to have stock heads available at all times if you prefer to just order what you need when you need it. Please see our price list below for cost of heads and the cost of shipping heads back to you via Priority Mail at U.S. Post office. You can also find a downloadable paint schedule from Brett on painting turkey heads if you would rather paint the head yourself.

If you have any extra, mature, usable turkey heads that you would like to send us we would be very interested in talking with you about those. We can either credit your account or buy them outright from you. The price on those heads vary depending on the "grading scale" we have set up for turkey heads.

Before you leave our site, please take a look at our new Boondocks BAD Boy Turkey Bodies. These work great with our freeze-dried turkey heads and offer, we believe, the best complete mounting system available in the industry.

Thank you very much for visiting Turkey Heads & BAD Boy Bodies by Boondocks Taxidermy and we look forward to doing business with you soon.